A truly unique offering combining core benefits of many products available to property owners

Our offering combines the benefits of traditional credit products, rental default insurance, and property management services.

We give you the option to sell the financial risk of your traditional lease agreement to us. Our purchase offer is priced based on the risk we assume, which determines the discount rate we apply. If you take our offer, you’ll get the full discounted cash value of your annual rental income at the start of the lease term.


Total Value of the Lease


Discount Rate Based on the Risk


Cash Value of Our Offer (Paid to You Upfront)


Why Become a MaliVest Member?

  • Membership is free
  • We can only offer you our product and services after pre-qualifying you as an investment property owner
  • Becoming a Member has clear benefits

How Do We Compare?

We have taken the core benefits of multiple products and services and combined them into one truly unique offering.

  MaliVest HELOC Cash Out Refinance Credit Card Personal
Typical Cost 7% – 18% of monthly rent 3.5% – 13.25% APR Mortgage Rates + Closing Cost / Fees Ave. 17% APR 7.25% – 100% APR
(Ave. 33% APR)
Access to Cash
  MaliVest Rent Default Insurance
Typical Cost 7% – 18% of monthly rent 5% of monthly rent + 1 month rent deductible
Eviction and Legal Services Limited Cost Covered
Tenant Default Protection Limited Protection
  MaliVest Property Manager
Typical Cost 7% – 18% of monthly rent 5% – 15% of monthly rent
Property Marketing
Tenant Screening
Lease Agreement Support
Rent Collection
Maintanence & Inspections
Eviction and Legal Services
Tenant Default Protection

How Can Our Technology Help You and Your Tenants?

Key Features For Property Owners

Tenant Placement

  • Advertise your property and manage your listing on our website. New listings or changes to previously posted listings will automatically be posted on top listing sites
  • Potential tenants apply online and we run credit and background checks


  • Communicate with tenants via text message and email
  • View all communication history
  • Submit requests and communicate with us online

Management and Maintenance

  • Tenant upload renters insurance policy within the resident site or purchase a new policy
  • Receive and manage maintenance and other requests submitted by tenants
  • Track and manage tasks online

Access to Documents

  • Access financials and ledgers
  • Access documents saved online (e.g. final lease agreements)

Key Features for Tenants

Access to mobile app features

  • View current balance, payment history, scheduled payments
  • Make online payments or set up recurring payments (bank account, debit or credit card payments)
  • Submit maintenance and other requests online (including photos)
  • Access important files (e.g., final lease agreement)
  • Communicate with property owner

To become eligible for this offering, you will have to apply to become a MaliVest Member